Military Sector

Surveillance and Reconnaissance: Pudu’s drones can carry various sensors and camera equipment, enabling long-duration flights to provide real-time intelligence support to commanders.

Electronic Surveillance and Interference: Pudu’s drones can carry electronic surveillance equipment for intelligence gathering and interference tasks, disrupting enemy communication and radar systems.

Communication Disruption: Pudu’s drones can serve as communication relay stations, providing support for battlefield communication and encrypted transmission, enhancing the coverage and stability of communication networks.

Flexible Configuration

Drones can be flexibly configured according to mission requirements, carrying different sensors, weapons, and equipment. This versatility allows drones to execute various tasks, including reconnaissance, strikes, and communication relays.

Reduced Casualties

Drones can lower casualties during missions, unaffected by human factors such as emotions and fatigue. They can operate more stably and accurately, completing tasks with greater precision.

Recommended products

PD-5200H Vertical Takeoff and Landing Fixed-Wing UAV

5.垂直起降和水平飞行采用两组独立电源,最大航程达30OKM,有效避免固定翼续航不足和垂起降落低电量风险, 保证作业的续航能力及安全性。

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Recommended products

PD-LSY-drone radar flowmeter

The PUDU-LSY-100 radar flowmeter is a flow measurement device that utilizes the principle of Doppler effect. Once the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hovers, the PUDU-LSY-100 radar flowmeter begins to collect data on the water flow velocity in waters. It then transmits this data to the ground station via the device's accompanying radio transmitter, enabling long-distance wireless transmission of flow measurement data. This allows for the detection of both water flow velocity and changes in water level in waters. The flow meter incorporates algorithms to suppress rainfall interference, effectively reducing the impact of rainfall interference on the accuracy of the measurements.

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Recommended products

PD-7800 scout & strike UAV

1. PD-7800 supports RTK precision takeoff and landing and PPK mode, providing precise positioning capabilities.

2. PD-7800's fuselage is made of carbon fiber and composite materials, ensuring its strength while enhancing resistance to high temperatures and corrosion.

3. Supports fully autonomous takeoff and landing, and autonomous flights via pre-planned routes.

4. Supports a payload of 100KG, suitable for material transport, emergency rescue, law enforcement, and surveying.

5. When equipped with a 50-liter Kevlar explosion-proof fuel tank, the model has a maximum range of 1500KM.

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Recommended products

PD-X6-1600 Emergency UAV

All-carbon fiber 6-axis 6-rotor. Effective payload of 15-20 kilograms. Environmental wind resistance: 10m/s. Maximum takeoff weight: 40-50KG. Flight altitude of 4000 meters. Provides excellent endurance time while meeting strong wind resistance and stability requirements. Folding arm structure allows for rapid deployment, convenient storage, and transportation due to its small folded volume.

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