PD-2440 heavy-duty quadcopter

PD-2440 is a fully electric, heavy-lift quadcopter UAV with a payload capacity of up to 100kg. The entire aircraft is manufactured using carbon fiber composite molding technology, which offers advantages such as lightweight, high strength, and reliability. It supports precise hovering, uniform cruising, and route planning functionalities. The quick-detach structure of the arms facilitates easy maintenance and usage. Its lightweight design, coupled with the ability to carry heavy payloads, makes it suitable for specialized cargo transport scenarios. This model is widely used in various fields including power transportation, forestry infrastructure construction, and island freight transport.

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PD-1700 patrol drone

1. PD-1700 adopts a full carbon fiber integral compression molding process, with characteristics of high strength, lightweight, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

2. The model uses lithium batteries and brushless motors as power sources, with a maximum range of up to 300km.

3. It can carry a guidance head, capable of accurately striking moving targets.

4. It is easy to operate, and can ensure rapid combat for frontline troops, with real-time target locking and precise attacks.

5. Supports catapult takeoff, pneumatic assisted takeoff, and after takeoff, can autonomously cruise to the target area along preset routes.

6. Capable of swarm warfare, carrying 3kg of different mission payloads.

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